Hurt-M-Badd: OG Singer On Cali Love/Confrontation w Snoop/2pac Vs Snoop

Exclusive interview with Death Row Records / Makaveli producer/singer Hurt-M-Badd.

Working W/ Dr Dre & The Original Singer On “California Love”
Talks “Fucking W/ The Wrong Nigga”
Confrontation W/ “Snoop” About A Beat “Hurt” Created For “2pac”
2pac Wanted A Prince Sample Snoop Was Already Working On
Snoop Vs 2pac

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Dj Jam Exclusive Interview Part 1

In part one of our exclusive interview with Snoop Dogg & Dogg Pound’s dj, Dj Jam, he speaks on:
Meeting Kurupt
Epic Kurupt freestyle
Chillin’ with the DOC & Tha Dogg Pound
Meeting Po Broke & Lonely
Meeting Dr Dre
Dinner with Dr Dre, Suge & Interscope
Giving Dre ideas & drum programing on the Doggystyle album
Scarface “Never Seen A Man Cry (DJ Jam Remix) ft Kurupt”
Meeting & finding out being related to Scarface

Death Row Musician Tony Green Exclusive Interview Part 1-3

In part one of our exclusive interview with Death Row Records musician Tony Green breaks down Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Smoke On” and “Doggystyle” from 1993.

In part 2 T Greens breaks down the Dr. Dre and George Clinton sessions including Snoop Intro, Let Me Ride Remix, and Can’t C Us.

In Part 3 Tony Green speaks on the Saturday Night Live Snoop Dogg Performance.