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Death Row Discussion / Re: RBX & Lady of Rage
« Last post by joshsh on Today at 10:25:28 AM »
Thanks man.

The Midnight Hour is unfortunately so unfinished it doesn't sound much like a Dre beat.

Despite being around the scene for years I'd never even heard It's On shockingly! Safe for that, it's a decent tune. Shame we haven't got a higher quality version to really check out the beat.

I wonder if there's more from either of them.
Daz was still signed to Death Row at that time and he produced those tracks so my guess would be thats why Suge has publishing on those songs.

Doesn't explain why "Show Me Love" has Suge Publishing on there given Daz didn't produce it and none of the artists involved were associated with the label at that time,
Makaveli Discussion / Re: some count down on
« Last post by Mickster007 on Today at 08:34:06 AM »
excellent, thank you for this update!
Makaveli Discussion / Re: some count down on
« Last post by buddboy on Today at 04:14:53 AM »
I got an email from a vinyl record company Juno (I had 2pac alerts set up with them) saying that they had reissues of 2Pac greatest hits avaliable from today
Makaveli Discussion / Re: some count down on
« Last post by makg86 on Today at 03:58:25 AM »
Would be great to see a vinyl release with some bonus material unlike the Strictly 4 My N... 25th anniversary
Makaveli Mixes / Re: Dramacydal - Gotta Get Away (ImprovedQ)
« Last post by YurySheptunov on Today at 03:17:32 AM »
Yea, you adjusted my remaster I did in 2005. The original rip sounded even worse.

And no, it doesn't sound better. Were you trying to create an acapella or something?
I tried to remove excessive bass and gain vocals little bit. Yes, i agree with you, my version sucks. But can you send me song in original state of quality
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