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Death Row Discussion / Kurupt on Marriage Boot Camp
« Last post by GeneralGrievousHero4Life on Today at 04:02:14 PM »
Kurupt on Marriage Boot Camp with his girl Toni.

He also based Bomb First on one of their songs, Uptown Anthem
Sort of.  Technically Darryl Big D Harper already had the beat done, and while Pac liked the beat and wanted to use it, Big D said that Pac specifically told him to instead use the Uptown Anthem bassline for the track.  Also, remember that Uptown Anthem was the song that played at the end of Juice once the credits start rolling, so Pac had a personal connection to the track, so his ties with Treach/NBN aren't necessarily the only reason why he'd have used it.
I think I heard 2Pac was going after De La Soul on Killuminati because they dissed Treach and called him a crack head or something.
He also based Bomb First on one of their songs, Uptown Anthem
Death Row Discussion / Re: Fully Iced, Death Row Chain
« Last post by GeneralGrievousHero4Life on Today at 03:54:05 PM »
Really? That's dope. How much did you pay for it?

I payed $100 dollars for it. It was on sale
Khayree's behind the scene commentaries for Ghetto Theme & Last Night music videos.

Hard to say but I don't think that they were on bad terms or anything like that.  Remember that on the clean/video version of Hit 'Em Up, Pac shouted them out ("Much love to Smiff-N-Wessun, Freddie Foxxx, Pudgee the Fat Bastard, Naughty by Nature and all them real thugs").  They hung out a lot throughout the years, just not much after 1995 (remember that Treach was in some of the pictures of Pac and Faith), maybe because Pac was so busy and not really making many trips to the Tri-State area, and Treach probably wasn't coming out here that much either.  It's not like a ton of East Coast guys were visiting Pac, outside of Boot Camp (and that was just once and for a week or so).
Ghetto Theme video was shot June 11th 1994
i know they were tight between 91-93 but something tells me pac kept hsi distance from him, not that im saying he was using treach but it came to a point were it seems he wasnt interested in hanging about with him or bring him to deathrow to be a guest artist on one of his songs.

for some odd reason im thinking reggie said in one of the bomb1st streams that pac felt treach was immature and couldnt be bothered to deal with him anymore.

can someone clarify?
Channel West / Re: Richie Rich @ VladTV
« Last post by Danijel82 on Today at 12:18:47 PM »
Richie Rich on Going to Jail for Half Kilo, '415' Group Doing Deal Behind His Back (Part 3)

In this clip, Richie Rich spoke about his 415 group members being into the streets, like him, and how he got caught up for half a kilo in 1990. After being released from jail and fighting the case, Richie Rich details how members of the group went behind his back and signed a deal with Priority Records without, despite him forming the group. After feeling betrayed, Richie explained that Priority offered him a $100,000 deal, which was huge to him at the time, but he revealed that he declined the deal. To hear more, including his relationship with members of the group now, hit the clip.


Thanks! Warren G always comes across as such a chill dude, I still cannot believe til this day there hasn't been even a hint at a 2pac song with Warren G on it. Such a shame, he should've been on Thug Life at least on one song. Dude is hella underrated. I like Regulate much more than the Chronic & Doggystyle as albums, though he looks the type of bangers Snoop & Dre had.
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