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I agree 100% what you said.

Got me thinking about Pre-Deathrow material now. Yes, there must be hundreds out there compare to deathrow materal. Even thou DR stuff alone must be 30+ songs. Mostly Johnny J materials.

Now I like to mention this amazing fact here!

This post was released in 2007! I remember during bearshare (2003) days and Kazaa (2002-2004) torrent days this list or a primitive version of this same list was floating around that contain this massive list of unreleased songs!

And around 2011 25% of the songs on this list was leaked!!!

I will list leftover tracks here:

2Fly4Me (OG)
5 Levelz Of The Game (OG)
6 Or 12 (OG) (1996)
Alize (OG)
Animosity (OG)
Baby Having Babies aka Breanda's Got A Baby (OG) (1991)
Backstabbaz (OG)
Bad Mutha****az (OG)
Big Man (OG)
Big Thug (OG)
Blinded (OG)
Blunt Tyme (OG) With Dr. Dre,
Breakin Thru (OG)
Bumpin System (OG)
Can U See (The Real Me) (OG) (1996)
Champagne (OG) (1996)
Champagne (OG) (Freestyle)
Daddy's Lil Girl (OG) With Jewell (1996)
Die With Me (OG) (1996)
Don't Cry For Me (OG)
Don't Judge Me (OG)
Drop The Cop (OG)
Dynasty (OG)
End Games (OG)
Everytime I Close My Eyez (OG)
Faced Shootouts (OG Interlude) (1993)
Family Pictures (OG) (Produced By QD3) (1996)
Fever In The FunkHouse (OG)
For The Ghettos (OG)
Get Some For Girls (OG)
Ghetto Ghost (Ghost OG)
Ghetto Gospel (OG) With Jess (Produced By Shock G) (1992)
Ghetto Prophecies (OG)
Ghetto Star aka Burying One Of Our Own (OG) With Bad Azz (Produced By GO Twice) (1996)
Girls Tryin To Work A n*gga (OG) With Terry August
Gunz To Ground (OG)
Hard 2 k!ll (OG)
HellBound (OG) With Stretch
Hennessey (OG) With Big Syke & Mopreme (Produced By Live Squad) (1994
Hold On Be Strong aka U Got 2 Be Strong (OG) With Vocals By Stretch (Produced By Stretch) (1994)
Hold Me (OG)
Homeboyz (OG) With Kurupt (Produced By Dat n*gga Daz) (1996)
Hopeless (OG Interlude) (1993)
Hotel Room Freestyle (OG)
How Much (OG)
Hymns Of A 90's n*gga (OG) (1991)
I Have Been Here (All The Time) (OG) (1996)
I See Your Girl (OG)
Indonesia (OG)
In The End (OG)
In The Event Of My Demise (OG)
Just The Two Of Us (OG)
Kickin Up Dust (OG)
Killa Elite (OG)
Knock U Out (OG)
Last Night Alive aka Last Days (OG) (1996)
Let Knowledge Drop (OG)
Lifestyles Of The Poor & Hopeless (OG)
Ma, Ma, Ma (OG) With Kadafi, Kastro, Kurupt & Vocals By T. Wrice (Produced By Hurt-M-Badd) (1996)
Makaveli (OG) With Vocals By T. Wrice (Produced By Hurt-M-Badd) (1996)
Makaveli Who? (OG) With Daz (1996)
Make It Rain On Em (OG)
Makin' Movez (OG)
Married To The MOB (OG) (Produced By Mike Mosley) (1996)
murder Mystery (OG) With Daz (1996)
My Babiez Mama (OG)
Nightmares (OG) (Produced By Dr.Dre) (1995)
No Witnesses (OG)
Now Who U Gonna Turn To (OG)
NY 87 (OG)
NYC Imposters (OG)
One Nation (OG) With Boot Camp Click (1996)
Only Time Will Tell (OG)
Open Fire (OG) (Produced By Akshun) (1993)
Penitentiary Bound (OG) With The Outlawz & Prince Itel Joe (Produced By 2Pac) (1995)
Play Ya Dumb (OG) (1996)
Please Do (OG)
Purple Grand Slam (OG)
Ride (OG) With K-Ci & Jo-JO (1996)
Ride On Em (OG)
Sarah's Smile (OG)
Set It Off(Outro) (OG) With Greg Nice & Boot Camp Click (1996)
Scared Man (OG)
Shadows Of A Broken Man aka Pictures Of A Broken Man (OG)
Show Me Love (OG)
Something To Ride (OG) With Danny Boy (Produced By DJ Quik) (1995)
Step By Step (OG)
Stressed Out (OG)
Survivin (OG) (1993)
Tales From Tha Crib (OG) With Madonna (1996)
Terror In The Night (OG)
That Ain't Right (OG)
The Good Die Young (OG) (1996)
The Cartel (OG)
The Man (OG) (1996)
The Uppercut (OG) With Sista Soulja (Produced By Stretch) (1992)
The World Is Mine (OG) (1996)
Them Vs Us (OG) (1996)
This Is Da Brain On A 40 Ounce (OG)
This One's 4 The Suckas (OG)
This Thugz Story (OG)
Thugged Out (OG) With Cy Dogg (1996)
Thug Caution (OG)
Thug Congression
Thug 4 Life (OG) With Stretch (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
Thug Style (OG) (Produced By Stretch) (1993)
Till I C L.A. (OG) (1996)

This list was known from 2007!!! But I remember seeing this early 2000's !!  And around 2011 about 25% of the FULL LIST was leaked!

Channel West / Re: The Almighty E-A-SKI (Singlez) (WEB) (2003 to 2018)
« Last post by acgrundy on Today at 08:46:43 PM »
Thanks a ton!!!

Crime Scene
Featuring – Black Child, Dave Bing, O-1, Ronnie Bumps, Tah Murdah
Mixed By – Supa Engineer DURO*, Irv Gotti
Producer – Dat Nigga Reb, Irv Gotti
Programmed By [Additional Programming] – Lil Rob*
Recorded By – Pat Viala
Written-By – C. Broadus*, D. Parks*, D. Arnaud*, I. Lorenzo*, O. Miller*, R. Gill*, R. Brown*, R. Wilson*, T. Crocker*

Written by Snoop, Daz, R. Brown aka Kurupt??? How did this song come about?? Did they collab or did the Murder Inc. camp remake an unreleased Dogg Pound song??
The reason i say it flopped is because its MAKAVELI THE DON!  The movie should have sold out everyday imo....Also, the soundtrack was gonna be a banger but because it didnt do aswell as everyone thought, the soundtrack never came out or developed along with the hype like it would have....idk i just know it coulda done a million times better if everyone was on the right page....Its ok tho, im 39 and as i heard it the movie wasnt done for us older heads.....Real reps on the song tho!  Hardcore....Cheers
Death Row Discussion / Daz Celebrates Suges 28 Year Prison Sentence.
« Last post by DeGrate on Today at 03:04:11 PM »

Daz Dillinger Recently Celebrated Suges Prison Sentence "THE SUGE KNIGHT STORY HAS ENDED NOW U CAN DO YOUR DEATHROW MOVIE FUCC CUZ" The Rapper took to instagram mocking suge and even his family.
Makaveli Discussion / Re: 2pac Led Zeppelin Tribute Compilation?
« Last post by CSL on Today at 10:01:12 AM »
Thank u big dawg!!! What an interview!!
Makaveli Discussion / Re: Too Late Playa Explicit Version?
« Last post by Apokaveli on Today at 09:05:42 AM »
True but the odd thing was there were other songs on the album that weren’t edited.

Yep ! That's why i'm sure that there's an unedited version somewhere..
Makaveli Mixes / 2Pac feat. Eminem - Stop Us Remix
« Last post by DJRepresentin on Today at 07:54:33 AM »
Makaveli Discussion / Re: Too Late Playa Explicit Version?
« Last post by lokko on Today at 06:21:25 AM »
 It was probably for the radio, hence the editing.
Makaveli Discussion / Re: 2pac Led Zeppelin Tribute Compilation?
« Last post by FreeEmAll on Today at 06:19:33 AM »

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