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i'd appreciate if anyone could re-up this for me.

edit:  er, actually i think i'm looking for the version from this thread (  the 'alt 95 version'.

there's an updated link in there, but it points to this thread's version (5m11s).
Hey Y'All What Is The Decrypt Key ??? Thanks
Death Row Discussion / Re: Mind Control
« Last post by JonnyTanna on Today at 04:06:58 PM »
I think there was a larger problem when puffy took over and encouraged complacency & honk behaviour in black music which is resulted in the garbage we hear today.

So I think if there's any conspiracy to destroy music it lies more what's happening now. It seems Dr Dre is now apart of it with his horrible music he now makes - can't believe this is the same guy who made the chronic
Yo !! Wassup With Folder Links Dawg ???
Death Row Discussion / Re: CRash Money (Creepy AF)
« Last post by treydoggydogg on Today at 03:36:07 PM »
His claims were never proved.
I had a few correspondences with him and he was never able to back up his claims with any pics, to me he sounded like an obsessed fan.
A few famous people commented when he died and most said that while they weren't sure if his claims were true, he seemed like he really loved Death Row and Tupac.
I too thought he was just a crazy ass fan, we shall never know for sure!
This movie will be about as impressive as that cheap ebay pendant.
Fuck LT Mutton chops!
Fuck that raspy sounding old Noble! Dude only knew 2Pac for like a month or two lol
Muzamil exposed him and nobody posted that shit I see? He said Noble started off as the death row barber lmao
Man all the people connected to this movie are fakes. I'll respect any project that Napoleon or Kastro put their names to, all the others can eat a dick.
LT Mutton chops - eat a dick you fake faggot!
Downloads / Re: D.P.G Eulogy (DVD) (2006) (Documentry)
« Last post by DeanSherry93 on Today at 03:16:50 PM »
Hey...The Folder Link Isn't Working :(
Makaveli Mixes / Re: 2Pac How Do U Want It (Body Heat Remix)
« Last post by Dj Tricki on Today at 10:45:30 AM »
So much potential, one of the better remixes of HDYWI I've ever heard. The mix is terrible though, lacks clarity, bass clipping, Kci-Jojo rapping over a mobile phone speaker.
Death Row Discussion / Re: Outlawz track?
« Last post by Tupring on Today at 10:08:35 AM »
the tag says dramacydal revenge is sweet right on itů
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