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heres my theory, im not up to date with pacs killing in all honesty, maybe you guys can help me on this, here is my thoughts:

2pac was gettin invloved with the bloods in some way and making noise with them, it is known that he would get carried away with this behavior at deathrow, gettin angry often and he was unhappy with himself due to that. he didnt intend to stay at deathrow and wanted to release 3 albums he was told to do.

he was angry and unhappy that he sacked david kenner and wrightway securitys, because of his rebellious behavior and that he wanted to leave and suge couldnt keep 2pac at deathrow, word got up to jimmy iovine as deathrow are under interscope and deathrow have to pay them, he recognised that aftr all eyez on me success that 2pac would take all of his stuff from deathrow and go independent or go somewhere else to make more money or awaken the public in some way, jimmy told suge if pac doesnt calm down then we will kill him in a "satanic industrial sacrifice" where pac is killed and interscope are in charge of 2pac releases (this is what happened anyway).

its known that bloods with deathrow didnt get on with the crips with badboy obviously so jimmy got his contacts and perhaps spoke to diddy and then diddy spoke to keffe d etc as we are aware.

^^ would the above make sense at all or is it jus rubbish lol?

side question: when the crips aftr the tyson match went to club 662 to wait for 2pac and suge, am i correct in sayin that bloods or ppl at deathrow knew that crips were in the car park and yet didnt do anything? thats why i get the impression that guys at deathrow knew crips were in the car park and were forced not to do anything.
does any one have or can hook up Dopefiend Dinners OG with the fulll outro, i lost mine :-( the outro where pac is mentioning some ninjas and what not and is uncensored?

Here you are my friend, @true2thegame

Enjoy, :)

Downloads / Re: Chronic Re-Lit DVD
« Last post by TonyStress360 on Today at 03:56:48 PM »
Cool this will do good until we can get the DVD

Uploaded by 'ITS AGTV' via YouTube

Anybody know that Sam sneed mix?
Not sure about the answer to your question, but weren't you close with Nino? I always wished that Nothin' But The Cavi Hit with Ice Cube verse would leak. Did he give anybody those CD's in the videos?
Downloads / Re: Daz Dillinger, Mac Shawn & Soopafly (CD Rip 320 Kpbs)
« Last post by Okka on Today at 09:12:59 AM »
Could somebody possibly re-upload all of these?
Yo !! Am Currently OT So Don't Have My IMac With The File Also...Am Only On Limited Wi-Fi ATM Sorry Guy's I'll Be Home Thursday Tho....Peace & Love
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