Exclusive Easy Mo Bee Interview

In part 1 of our exclusive interview famed 2Pac and Biggie Producer Easy Mo Bee (“Str8 Ballin’, “Temptations”, “If I Die 2 Nite”, “My Block”, Runnin'”) speaks on a unreleased 2Pac remix he’s been sitting on since 1995 and what happened when he saw 2Pac in LA after he was released on bail.

Exclusive Nuttso Interview

Part 1:

Nuttso speaks on 2 unheard songs with him and 2PAC
Was 2PAC Leaving Deathrow?
Find out why it was going to be the “New & Untouchable Deathrow”

Part 2:

Nuttso breaks down:
“Ridahs of The Storm”
“Runnin On E”
“Words 2 My Firstborn”
and speaks on the missing masters he held for years.

Part 3:

In part 3 of our exclusive interview with Nuttso he speaks on:
“Too Late Playa” with 2PAC, Hammer, Big Daddy Kane
“Can’t Touch This Part 2” (with 2PAC Hammer and Snoop?)
Bad Azz’s Remix of “Ghetto Star”
His label situation in 96′ and plans with 2PAC (Makaveli Records)