Reggie Wright: The Truth About The Soul Train ’96 Confrontation

In part 2 of our new exclusive interview with former Death Row Records President Reggie Wright he speaks on what exactly went down at the 1996 Soul Train Awards when Biggie and Bad Boy’s camp came face to face with 2pac and the Death Row camp. Also what Death Row’s original plan was for the awards and if they knew south side trip were working as security for Bad Boy.

2Pac Hand-written Makaveli Tracklist

Here is another hand-written track listing  2pac did for “Makaveli” while he was trying to figure out what songs to use and not use. This one is only 10 tracks and includes a unheard song..

1. Hail Mary
2. Killuminati
3. Friendz
4. Let Em Have It
5. Lost Soulz


6. Blasphemy
7. 2 Live & Die in LA
8. Watch Ya Mouth
9. Niggaz Nature
10. Lazt Praya (Last Prayer)


Hurt-M-Badd: OG Singer On Cali Love/Confrontation w Snoop/2pac Vs Snoop

Exclusive interview with Death Row Records / Makaveli producer/singer Hurt-M-Badd.

Working W/ Dr Dre & The Original Singer On “California Love”
Talks “Fucking W/ The Wrong Nigga”
Confrontation W/ “Snoop” About A Beat “Hurt” Created For “2pac”
2pac Wanted A Prince Sample Snoop Was Already Working On
Snoop Vs 2pac

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