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Exclusive Easy Mo Bee Interview

In part 1 of our exclusive interview famed 2Pac and Biggie Producer Easy Mo Bee (“Str8 Ballin’, “Temptations”, “If I Die 2 Nite”, “My Block”, Runnin’”) speaks on a unreleased 2Pac remix he’s been sitting on since 1995 and what happened when he saw 2Pac in LA after he was released on bail.

Exclusive Nuttso Interview

Part 1: Nuttso speaks on 2 unheard songs with him and 2PAC Was 2PAC Leaving Deathrow? Find out why it was going to be the “New & Untouchable Deathrow” Part 2: Nuttso breaks down: “Ridahs of The Storm” “Runnin On E” “Words 2 My Firstborn” and speaks on the missing masters he held for years. […]